5 years later: Thank you

Five years.

Nearly 20% of my life has occurred since the dark, cool Friday night in southern Kentucky in November, 2009.

My view of the action at a wedding last week

My view of the action eight hours away

This past weekend a close friend of mine officially tied the knot with his bride. Unfortunately, the wedding was eight hours away and I was unable to attend as the best man. I whipped up a video camera to record my speech to be delivered over the course of the wedding weekend via YouTube. Since the process of donning a button-down shirt may be one of the most physically uncomfortable tasks to take on right now, I wanted to make good use of the spiffed up look in front of the camera before I was back to pliable athletic shirts that are easy to stretch while putting on while I lay flat on my back.

With today marking five years now complete since a car accident changed the direction of my life, I thought this would be a good opportunity to attempt replacing writing with video.

Five years later, I’m thankful for each of you that God has placed my life. Some for a short season, some still today. I’m thankful for every prayer, email, card, note, meal brought (and fed), ride given, leg stretched, and a laundry list of other blessings along the way. I hope one day I get the same opportunity to emulate what so many of you have demonstrated to me. Thanks for being with me along the journey. I could not have done this without you.

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  1. Rick Kimbler said:

    GREAT video Ryan!!

    Thanks for sharing on the 5 year mark.

    God Bless You. -R


  2. Anne Hoffmann said:

    Ryan, first of all, you definitely look spiffy in the button down shirt : ) I love that you posted a video; it was fun to “meet” you although it is one sided. I have been reading your blog I think since it started, and am continually inspired by the grace that you have shown, especially in such a young man, in an incredibly difficult situation. You talked about how God sustains us even in (or especially in) difficult times; I have seen this time and again in my 56 years on earth. My son and his wife have three little girls, and a fourth was stillborn in 2010. Through that sadness, Gods presence was palpable. My son told me at that time (he had only one child then) that he still felt like the luckiest man in the world. His faith in God is unshakeable. Through losses that are inevitable in life, if you are fortunate, you are able to feel the presence of the Divine. I was much older than you when I finally “got” it. Though I am quite certain you would not have chosen this path, your determination to find good is remarkable. I will keep you always in my prayers, and thank you for sharing over the last year. Good luck with that business degree!!


  3. Sarah said:

    I see the love of Jesus in your eyes!! So great to see you and hear your voice! Through your difficult and painful journey this past 5 years, you have taught and inspired me! God is greatly using your life to come alongside others and encourage them in their places of struggle. As I just read yesterday “Our hards are so different, but the language of suffering is the same. We are needy, and we need something bigger than ourselves to enter our pain and bring us understanding, and we all need community to walk through our deep valleys.” Thanks for helping me walk through mine. :). You rock! Happy 5th and good luck in finishing school! God bless!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lois said:

    Ryan, Thank you for sharing…so proud of you and the impact you’ve had on so many> Go UC !!! They’re lucky to have you (again). Love Momma Kraze 🙂


  5. SueSue said:

    Thank you for sharing your journey, Ryan. I appreciate your heart & who you are. I pray continued strength, joy & MASSIVE blessings (Eph. 3:20,21) upon your life & upon all the endeavors the Lord inspires you to pursue!
    You are His precious son, & UNDOUBTEDLY with YOU He is WELL PLEASED…. This life is short. Eternity is forever. You are using everything you are, everything you have, to serve him… You are a wise steward, an inspiration & example to all, & you are our Father’s beloved son.
    I love you bro!


  6. Judy Dalambakis said:

    Ryan thank you for continuing to share your life and your commitment to God! You and your family are in my daily prayers. God Bless.


  7. Virginia Wilson said:

    Ryan, why is it that pretty much every time I view one of your posts I tear up? They are ‘good tears’. My guess is that I see & hear the authenticity in your words. And I sense the Holy Spirit’s presence working thru you and it’s a ‘straight to the heart’ arrow which pierces me… authenticity, transparency, unspeakable joy, and the POWER of the Holy Spirit! BAM!

    Thanks for continuing to share your journey!!! It’s always a blessing to hear from you! And the video was very cool, because the joy of the Lord just exudes from you. Keeping it real! REFRESHING!!! 🙂

    May you be blessed exceedingly, abundantly above anything that you could hope for or imagine!!! YOU are doing a great job of inspiring and encouraging so many! Keep up the great work!

    Your buddy,


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