suit tie I was on a full ride scholarship at the University of Cincinnati, working a high paying internship, and enjoying everything that came with life as a college student. At 21 years old, I thought what could be better?

On November 20, 2009 everything changed. A car accident left me paralyzed below the shoulders and
catapulted me into a journey I never could have conceived. Adjusting to life with a spinal cord injury was daunting. However, I quickly began to see how God would reshape my priorities, outlook, and overall vision for my future. This is a glimpse into my time Flat on My Back.

– –

Below is a news clip that aired on November 5, 2013 on Cincinnati Channel 9 News about “Flat on My Back:”

Click the links for the posts below to get an overview of my story:
THIS is why I decided to do this blog.
THIS is how I came to realize my plans were for naught.
THIS is how far I’ve come.
THIS is where I want to keep my focus.

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  1. Lee Kazee said:

    Ryan, you have a gift for writing and your transparency will allow you to continue to change lives. Your life is of such rich value. I will never forget the first time I met you. I found myself thinking how ironic it is that people will see you and feel great sympathy for your situation; when in reality many of us in perfect health could quite possibly be in greater need of sympathy. “We” run through life trapped by earthly expectations and distractions. Days can quickly pass by without being in the Lord’s word. Consistently being in relationship with the Lord can be a struggle with the earthly demands on time. You on the other hand have a true, deep relationship with the Lord. I’m sure it isn’t always perfect, but you are so ahead of the game of life. Are “we” better off if we are healthy, running around without a deep relationship with the Lord? Nope. We will continue to pray for your physical healing and praise God for your spiritual health. Thank you for sharing your heart Ryan, it will be a blessing. You are so loved.


  2. Camille Lloyd said:

    Thank you for sharing but also for teaching so many to lead better lives and opening up ourselves. You are loved. Momma Lloyd


  3. Alexa said:

    August 31 2013 my dad took me on a four wheeler ride and that was the last night he walked. We went up a hill and there was a tree blocking the path so he made me get off so he could turn the four wheeler around and he didn’t want me to get hurt. I got off and stood on the fallen tree and watched him start to turn the four wheeler around. He had gotten the four wheeler perpendicular to the hill and I had just said to my friend that I was terrified we were gonna see the headlights roll over(it was about 11 pm) Right after I sad that, te four wheeler rolled over right on top of him. My friend and I ran to him and I screamed Dad as we tried to get the four wheeler of of him. He had been knocked unconscious and came to a couple minutes later as I was screaming for my brothers who were about a half mile away at our campsite. We called 911 and got the four wheeler off and waited for help. He was life flighted to Akron general where we were told he snapped c4 and c5. He is now a quadriplegic. It’s been almost 8 months and he’s gotten back very little movement. You’re story is inspiring and I’ll pray for you and my dad each day. I’d just like to know what facilities you used and what you did for money to pay for those facilities?


  4. Spencer Farrar said:

    God bless you Ryan I will keep you in my prayers. I have a buddy who was in an accident and is only able to move one arm as of now. I would like tobe there for him and comfort him but I just do not know what words I can say. he is a very good football player very strong and hard worker so I tell him he has heart and he is a man of faith so we pray and we know God will put him through but besides these two things do you suggest and the talking points or ways of motivation.


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